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migrating classic asp webforms or asp net mvc using -',,asp-classic'

migrating classic asp webforms or asp net mvc  using -',,asp-classic'

I'm doing some maintenance on a classic ASP application for my client, and as I'm looking through the ASP, the following question comes to mind - would it be easier to convert a classic ASP app to ASP.NET MVC or ASP.NET WebForms?

In many ways, it appears that at least the HTML of ASP might be easier to convert to MVC than it would be to rip out the HTML chunks and turn them into ASP.NET controls, repeaters, datagrids, etc.  Plus having to add in handling and logic for ViewState, etc. might be added work.

I don't think my client will be requesting any upgrade like this, so this is just theoretical.

Let's assume that this ASP code is written very well (which isn't always true of course)  so really the question is, will a best-case-well-designed ASP site migrate better to MVC than WebForms?

(Note that I'm very new to ASP.NET MVC, so I might be missing something crucial here).

asked Sep 7, 2015 by rajesh
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