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import android r in eclipse why using -'android,eclipse,import'

import android r in eclipse why  using -'android,eclipse,import'

An excerpt from the documentation :

  Eclipse sometimes likes to add an import android.R statement at the
  top of your files that use resources, especially when you ask eclipse
  to sort or otherwise manage imports. This will cause your make to
  break. Look out for these erroneous import statements and delete them.

My question : WHY? Why does eclipse keep on doing this?

I have been developing Android applications using Eclipse for a quite some time now but I have never been able to understand why eclipse does such a thing.

When I use Ctrl + Shift + O to organize my import statements, import android.R gets added automatically. And all of a sudden my correct code is suddenly covered in red errors, saying that R cannot be resolved. It can get really scary for a beginner as he has no idea what he did wrong.

In another scenario, suppose there is something wrong with my layout files and is not being generated, it says that R cannot be resolved, as has not been generated due to the errors. As I move my cursor to any of the errors, it suggests me to import android.R.

After working on Android for quite sometime now, I know that never to import android.R, but what I have never been able to understand why eclipse keeps on suggesting it, as frankly speaking, adding import android.R never solved any problem of mine. It just added to the existing problems, which used to be really painful during initial days of development.

So, does anyone know the reason behind eclipse making the suggestion to make an incorrect import? Is it just a bug? I don't think it's a bug, as it would have got fixed at least after it was mentioned on the Android documentation.

If it's not a bug, then what is a real purpose of android.R? What does it exactly refer to?

Your opinions/experiences will be really helpful!


asked Sep 7, 2015 by rajesh
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