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gcm with login system using -'android,push-notification,google-cloud-messaging'

gcm with login system  using -'android,push-notification,google-cloud-messaging'

I'm currently implementing GCM into an application with login system. I wanted to send notification to the application based on the user that logged in to the application (one device, multiple user). I go through these processes.

Login as "user A"
Register GCM (get Registration ID) send to server side
Broadcast Notification out to user A
Logout un-register
Login as "user B"
Register GCM (get Registration ID -occasionally get back same registration ID with user A, sometimes return as different registration ID-)
GCM push notification to user A (even if the user un-register)

I'm not sure how to let the application identify the user that logged in to the device and push notification to that specific user only. Instead of user B logged in and get user A's notification. Any comments and answers will be highly appreciated! If you need check on specific codes from my project, please do let me know.

asked Sep 7, 2015 by rajesh
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