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static library using frameworks in specific projects using -'objective-c,xcode,ios'

static library using frameworks in specific projects  using -'objective-c,xcode,ios'

I have created a static library containing all my generic classes. Some of these classes use frameworks.

Now I have two projects, one that uses some classes that use frameworks, and one that doesn't use any of the classes that use frameworks.

Because Static Libraries don't support including frameworks (if I am correct). I have to include the frameworks in the project that uses them. But when I compile the project that doesn't use any of the framework-classes the compiler breaks because it still requires the frameworks. Now I know it tries to compile all the (unused) classes from the library because I use the Linker Flag '-ObjC' to prevent 'unrecognized selector' errors.

Does anyone know how to compile only the required source files per project? And prevent from all frameworks having to be included in all projects that use my static library?

asked Sep 7, 2015 by rajesh
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