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php garbage collection while script running using -'php,performance,drupal,garbage-collection'

php garbage collection while script running  using -'php,performance,drupal,garbage-collection'

I have a PHP script that runs on cron that can take up to an 15 minutes to execute. At regular intervals I have it spitting out memory_get_usage() so I can see what is happening. The first time it tells me my usage I am at 10 megs. When the script finishes I am at 114 megs!

Does PHP do it's garbage collection while the script is running? Or what is happening to all that memory? Is there something I can do to force garbage collection. The task that my script is doing is a nightly import of a couple thousand nodes into Drupal. So it is doing the same thing a lot of times.

Any suggestions?

asked Sep 7, 2015 by rajesh
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