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unset array element inside a foreach loop using -'php'

unset array element inside a foreach loop  using -'php'

So here is my code:


$arr = array(array(2 => 5),
             array(3 => 4),
             array(7 => 10));

foreach ($arr as $v) {
    $k = key($v);
    if ($k > 5) {
        // unset this element from $arr array


// now I would like to get the array without array(7 => 10) member

As you can see, I start with an array of single key => value arrays, I loop through this array and get a key of the current element (which is a single item array).

I need to unset elements of the array with key higher than 5, how could I do that? I might also need to remove elements with value less than 50 or any other condition. Basically I need to be able to get a key of the current array item which is itself an array with a single item.

asked Sep 7, 2015 by rajesh
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