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free to use api to access an sms gateway using -'php,api,sms,gateway'

free to use api to access an sms gateway  using -'php,api,sms,gateway'

Im a php developer in need of a free service that offers an api that enables me to send one of my users a simple text message.

I have a web app that allows you to receive updates (through sms), much like facebook or twitter when something new happens you get a text message updating you.

I dont want to pay to use a service like this in any way.
i would display a warning to the user that once they sign up for the updates that standard text messaging rates may apply... cool.

i am aware of using phps mail function with the mobile users number plus the service providers text gateway address.
also i know of some cheep alternatives but im not looking to spend money.

i just need to know of a service that offers me an api free of charge so i can send simple updates. (without adding adverts would be amazing also)

if anybody could help me out with this i would be grateful, thanks!

asked Sep 8, 2015 by rajesh
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I work at Twilio, so I answer this question a lot. Carriers charge to send messages. Someone has to pay for it. Every SMS gateway that does native delivery passes on that fee. Your other option is sending via email. It's free, but there are trade-offs. You have to know which carrier the recipient uses, and they have to notify you if it changes. Delivery is also not as reliable.
answered Sep 8, 2015 by rajesh
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I would be surprised if there's a free SMS gateway where users don't have to pay for it. What I use is either SMS server tools or SMS provider in my country. This provider has an API, you can receive and send SMS messages but you have to pay for it, of course. If you come across a free SMS service, I will be more than happy to know about it. The good thing with SMS Server Tools is you can get a special flat fee for unlimited messages (if your mobile operator has this kind of special offer/plan). On the other hand, with SMS Server Tools you have to connect mobile phone or modem to your computer, it's not a tool for shared hosting where you can't access the server.
answered Sep 8, 2015 by rajesh
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If you need to keep it very low cost you may use some USB Mobile Broadband Modems that have a HTTP API for sending SMS messages. Then by a SIM card with unlimited messaging included. There are a lot of low cost Providers for example 46elks have full pay as you go with cost of 2,8 cent for a Message to the US. Unless you send a lott it will not be too expensive.
answered Sep 8, 2015 by rajesh