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free to use api to access an sms gateway using -'php,api,sms,gateway'

free to use api to access an sms gateway  using -'php,api,sms,gateway'

Im a php developer in need of a free service that offers an api that enables me to send one of my users a simple text message.

I have a web app that allows you to receive updates (through sms), much like facebook or twitter when something new happens you get a text message updating you.

I dont want to pay to use a service like this in any way.
i would display a warning to the user that once they sign up for the updates that standard text messaging rates may apply... cool.

i am aware of using phps mail function with the mobile users number plus the service providers text gateway address.
also i know of some cheep alternatives but im not looking to spend money.

i just need to know of a service that offers me an api free of charge so i can send simple updates. (without adding adverts would be amazing also)

if anybody could help me out with this i would be grateful, thanks!

asked Sep 8, 2015 by rajesh
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