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how do i completely disable caching in cakephp using -'php,cakephp,caching'

how do i completely disable caching in cakephp  using -'php,cakephp,caching'

So I opened the cache floodgates in my Cakephp app and now I want to close them...

I've done pretty much everything I can: delete all files in the tmp folder (but not the folders), turned 'Cache.disable' on in the core.php file in my app, have tried clearing the cache from within some controllers with clearCache() and Cache::clear() (but I suspect this doesn't work because it's not loading the controller -- due to caching).

I've pretty much effectively halted my development process just because caching won't turn off.  Anyone have some ideas that I could try?  I'm starting to think it may be within the browser or maybe my hosting service, but it's probably just Cakephp messing with me.

asked Sep 8, 2015 by rajesh
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