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displaying a table in php with repeated columns using -'c#,php,html,sql'

displaying a table in php with repeated columns  using -'c#,php,html,sql'

I have the following data in a MySQL database:

Autonum  ID  Name  MetaValue
1         1  Rose  Drinker
2         1  Rose  Nice Person
3         1  Rose  Runner
4         2  Gary  Player
5         2  Gary  Funny

I am working in PHP now but I have encountered this problem several times using C#, Java and other languages.

Now my goal in the past and present has been to display the data in the following format:

                        <li>Nice Person</li>


I have tackled this problem before by creating a class that represents my SQL table.
Then I created a Dictionary to hold EmployeeId and the class.

Dictionary<string,MyTable> MyData = new <string,MyTable>();
Table MyMetaData = new Table();
MyMetaData SomeMetaData=getMetaValueList();//imagine a web service that does that

I am skipping steps but I hope you get my point. I probably just need keywords of what to call this type of problem. What is the preferred way to accomplish this?

asked Sep 8, 2015 by rajesh
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