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program counter register value is null

program counter register value is null  using -'c,linux,hardware'

I am getting crash with SIG 11, after getting the register's info it's show PC have NULL value. Does it's related to Crash ?
PC  = 0x00000000  LR  = 0x145A4FdC  MSR = 0x0002D002

Crash is because of NULL is PC or something else ?
PC  = 0x00000000  LR  = 0x145A4F0C  MSR = 0x0002D000

CTR = 0x00000000  XER = 0x00000000

R0  = 0x00000000  R1  = 0x4368D1C8  R2  = 0x300B07B0  R3  = 0x4368D1E0

Looking it seems because of NULL value crash. I am main concern in PC value ?

asked Sep 9, 2015 by Rowena8889ae
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