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java embedded databases comparison

java embedded databases comparison  using -'java,database,comparison'

I intend to develop a small (Java) application for managing my finances. I believe I need to use an embedded database, but I have no experience regarding this issue. I tried to look at some of the available products, but I can't decide which one would be more suitable for me. H2, HSQLDB, Derby and Berkeley DB seem to be good candidates, but I still don't see how they compare to each other. I appreciate your help comparing them and helping me decide which one to use.

I intend to use Hibernate for my application (unless you would recommend using DBMS-provided API), but I also want to have the ability to edit the database easily using a SQL browsing tool (modifying schema and changing data).

Thank you.

asked Sep 10, 2015 by CliftonCromm
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