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is native php support for web sockets available

is native php support for web sockets available  using -'php,javascript,websocket'

Looking for Hello World Type Example of Web Sockets Implementation:

Here is Socket Create reference from but this looks more low level than Web Sockets.

I want to use this Web Sockets as shown here on which is now implemented in all new major browsers.

A Google search turned up this Nets.TutsPlus site in which I can use the JavaScript example code...but I need to know how to implement the server-side in PHP not Java, Ruby, or Node.js as in the example.

Is PHP Socket Create relevant?  Does PHP natively support Web Sockets?  I guess just a point in the right direction for PHP implementation would help.

Actually the tutorial has a broken link to this the library one should use? has a test application, but no mention of PHP.

asked Sep 10, 2015 by TriEEAE
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