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access files from network share in c sharp web app

access files from network share in c sharp web app  using -'c#,,security,web-applications,file-io'

I have a web application that needs to read (and possibly write) files from a network share. I was wondering what the best way to do this would be?

I can't give the network service or aspnet accounts access to the network share. I could possibly use impersonation.

The network share and the web application are both hosted on the same domain and I can create a new user on the domain specifically for this purpose however I'm not quite sure how to join the dots between creating the filestream and specifying the credentials to use in the web application.

Unfortunately the drive isn't mapped as a network drive on the machine, it's only available to me as a network share so unfortunately I can't make a transparent call.

There is one problem I can think of with impersonation... I can only impersonate one user per application domain I think but I'm happy to be corrected. I may need to write this file to several different shares which means I may have to impersonate several users.

I like the idea of creating a token... if I can do that I'll be able to ask the use up front for their credentials and then dynamically apply the security and give them meaningful error messages if access is denied... I'm off to play but I'll be back with an update.

asked Sep 14, 2015 by RayMonzon
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