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getting time difference between two times in php

getting time difference between two times in php  using -'php,mysql,time'

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  How to get time difference in minutes in PHP  

I am working on attendance table to calculate the later and very late employees.
I am storing the login in time in the table (Type: time).  I can able to get the time from the database and i would like to show the time time difference in the separate column.  

i.e., if employe logged on or before 09:00:59 then its right time and the time diff should show be null.  If he logs in after the time i.e, 09:01:00 or later the time difference should be 00:00:01.  Like wise i need to calculate the differences in time.

One time is constant i.e., 09:00:59 and another one i am getting from database table. Need to get diff between both.
I am working in PHP.
Hope my question is clear.

Thankyou in Advance.

asked Sep 14, 2015 by FernandoChan
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