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jquery how to select an option by its text

jquery how to select an option by its text  using -'jquery'

I need to check if a select has an option whose TEXT is a specific value.

Eg <option value="123">abc</option> i would be looking for abc.

Is there a selector to do this?

Im looking for something similar to $('#select option[value="123"]'); but for text

asked Sep 14, 2015 by RayfordWPRr
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7 Answers

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This could help:


Demo -

This would give you the option with text B and not the ones which has text that contains B. Hope this helps


For recent versions of jQuery the above does not work. As commented by Quandary below, this is what works for jQuery 1.9.1:

$('#test option').filter(function () { return $(this).html() == "B"; }).val();

Updated fiddle

answered Sep 14, 2015 by MadKauffman
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You can use the :contains() selector to select elements that contain specific text.
For example:

$('#mySelect option:contains(abc)')

To check whether a given s that contain such an option, use the :has() selector:

answered Sep 14, 2015 by ShielaKiserv
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None of the previous suggestions worked for me in jQuery 1.7.2 because I'm trying to set the selected index of the list based on the value from a textbox, and some text values are contained in multiple options. I ended up using the following:

$('#mySelect option:contains(' + value + ')').each(function(){
    if ($(this).text() == value) {
        $(this).attr('selected', 'selected');
        return false;
    return true;
answered Sep 14, 2015 by ChetPiq42208
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This will work in jQuery 1.6 (note colon before the opening bracket), but fails on the newer releases (1.10 at the time).

$('#mySelect option:[text=abc]")
answered Sep 14, 2015 by FredricRancl
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I tried a few of these things until I got one to work in both Firefox and IE. This is what I came up with.

$("#my-Select").val($("#my-Select" + " option").filter(function() { return this.text == myText }).val());

another way of writing it in a more readable fasion:

var valofText = $("#my-Select" + " option").filter(function() {
    return this.text == myText


$("#my-Select").val( getValOfText( myText ) );
answered Sep 14, 2015 by GeorgeMonnie
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As described in this answer, you can easily create your own selector for hasText. This allows you to find the option with $('#test').find('option:hastText("B")').val();

Here's the hasText method I added:

 if( ! $.expr[':']['hasText'] ) {
     $.expr[':']['hasText'] = function( node, index, props ) {
       var retVal = false;
       // Verify single text child node with matching text
       if( node.nodeType == 1 && node.childNodes.length == 1 ) {
         var childNode = node.childNodes[0];
         retVal = childNode.nodeType == 3 && childNode.nodeValue === props[3];
       return retVal;
answered Sep 14, 2015 by HayEJO
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This is my answer

var options = $(dropdown).find('option');
var targetOption = $(options).filter(
function () { return $(this).html() == value; });

if(targetOption) {

Thanks for all the posts.

answered Sep 14, 2015 by Buster90Feqi