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jquery change event to input file on ie

jquery change event to input file on ie  using -'javascript,jquery,internet-explorer,events'

I already looked all around, and can't find a solution: I have a form to upload files, and it should fire the submit after the file selection.

On FF/Chrome it goes weel, and submit the form after file selection, but I can't do this on ie.

Already tried with click/propertychange but nothing happens. Some code I already tried:

$("#attach").attr("onChange", "alert('I changed')");

$("#attach").live($.browser.msie? 'propertychange': 'change', function(e) { ... });

Any sugestions to I try?

Edit1: I think there's a important information, this input file, is created on the fly, because of it I use .live() to bind the event

asked Sep 14, 2015 by ChaFoxall
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