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issue with a date extraction in sql server

issue with a date extraction in sql server  using -'java,sql-server,hibernate,spring'

I'm trying to list the dates registered in a table with SQL Server, but my problem is all the dates I'm extracting differs of 2 days with the dates in the table.

For example, I got 2012-12-25 in my database and when I retrieve it and cast it to a Java.util.Date, it becames 2012-12-23...

I've got processes on dates in another table which are working fine.

I'm using SQL Server 2008, Hibernate 3 and Spring 3.


The column data type for the table is date, I'm retrieving it using hibernate so here is my hibernate query call:

public List<Holiday> retrieveAllHolidays() {
    return (List<Holiday>) sessionFactory.getCurrentSession().createQuery("from Holiday")

The holiday object got two attributes: a String and a Date (this one is incorrect after retrieving from database).

asked Sep 14, 2015 by EarnestSaldi
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