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Question:Difference between dataset and datareader.



DataSet object can contain multiple rowsets from the same data source as well as from the relationships between them

Dataset is a disconnected architecture

Dataset can persist data.


DataReader provides forward-only and read-only access to data.

Datareader is connected architecture

Datareader can not persist data.

Dataset and datareader in ADO.NET - June 06, 2009 at 10:00 AM by Shuchi Gauri

Difference between dataset and datareader.


a. Disconnected
b. Can traverse data in any order front, back. 
c. Data can be manipulated within the dataset.
d. More expensive than datareader as it stores multiple rows at the same time.


a. Connection needs to be maintained all the time
b. Can traverse only forward. 
c. It is read only therefore, data cannot be manipulated.
d. It is less costly because it stores one row at a time


asked Sep 13, 2013 in vbdotnet by rajesh
edited Sep 12, 2013
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