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paypal ipn with codeigniter

paypal ipn with codeigniter  using -'php,codeigniter,paypal,paypal-ipn'

I am trying to implement a membership subscription service on a website built in CodeIgniter. I wish to use PayPal to manage payments, and am having a very hard time implementing this.

What I am trying to achieve is:

User fills in a membership form with
personal details
User selects a
subscription option (1 of 8 choices - each different price) and submits form
User is sent to PayPal to pay
User is returned to site upon successful payment and personal details are stored in database which creates user account (membership).

There is also the addition of form validation, I use the form_validation helper in CodeIgniter, but this needs to be done before PayPal payment can commence.

I have attempted to implement the PayPal_Lib from Ran Aroussi, but I feel it has not enough clear documentation or guidance on it. Any implemented examples or advice would be much appreciated.


asked Sep 15, 2015 by AdelineRosas
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