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codeigniter users login check

codeigniter users login check  using -'session,codeigniter,login'

I'm a novice with Code Igniter and I'm currently building my own user system. I'm curretly on the login process and I have implemented a check for whether a user is currently logged in or not.

In my header I then want to display a link to 'Log Out' if they are already logged in, or 'Log In' if they are not logged in currently.

I have a working function in my index controller as follows, the $loginstatus variable is sent to the my page header view:

function check_session()
    //Check session status

            $session = $this->session->userdata('login_state');

            $default = "Log In";

            if ($session == 1)
                $url = site_url('index.php/users/logout');
                $status = "Log Out";

                $url = site_url('index.php/users/login');
                $status = $default;

        $loginstatus = array(
                        "url" => $url,
                        "status" => $status

        return $loginstatus;

Because it is currently only in the index controller the $loginstatus is not generated for the header view for other pages and this is my problem.

Where would I put this function so that it always loads before my header? I tried creating a libary with a 'Common' class and then autoloading that but I ended up with lots of problems.

Thanks in advance.

asked Sep 15, 2015 by LorZ01
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