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guidance related to paypal integration using codeigniter

guidance related to paypal integration using codeigniter  using -'codeigniter,paypal'

I need some guidance related to PayPal Integration. It's not similar to a regular cart.
After checkout, the site offers a form for payment option. Either it's PayPal, or some other payment process. The form directs to controller after the user submits. An array exists, which contains all item values.

From here on how can I proceed to the Paypal site?

asked Sep 15, 2015 by JanRolstonvj
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2 Answers

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Just to let you know that we've just open-sourced our replacement CodeIgniter PayPal library, called codeigniter-paypal-ipn. (We use this library in production.)

It performs more validation than PayPal_Lib, and it also saves the orders down to your database (using either CI active record or Doctrine).

I hope you find it useful!

answered Sep 15, 2015 by KatVallejo
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