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how to raw post using curl in php

raw post using curl in php  using -'php,post,curl,put'

How can I do a RAW POST in PHP using cURL?

Raw post as in without any encoding, and my data is stored in a string. The data should be formatted like this:

... usual HTTP header ...
Content-Length: 1039
Content-Type: text/plain

89c5fdataasdhf kajshfd akjshfksa hfdkjsa falkjshfsa
ajshd fkjsahfd lkjsahflksahfdlkashfhsadkjfsalhfd
ajshdfhsafiahfiuwhflsf this is just data from a string
more data kjahfdhsakjfhsalkjfdhalksfd

One option is to manually write the entire HTTP header being sent, but that seems less optimal.

Anyway, can I just pass options to curl_setopt() that say use POST, use text/plain, and send the raw data from a $variable?

asked Sep 16, 2015 by girisha
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