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what is the perfect toolbox for pl sql development

what is the perfect toolbox for pl sql development  using -'oracle,plsql'

I work on two projects with a lot of PL/SQL code since few months.

However, I didn't find any really interesting tools to develop on this langage.

For the moment, my configuration includes the following tools:

Eclipse (the rest of the application is developed in Java), with PL/SQL Editor plugin
As I really don't like and trust the PL/SQL Editor plugin for Eclipse, I use mainly PsPad for editing my PL/SQL files.
SQL Developer (I have also TOAD, but I don't really know/like this tool).

So what is your "perfect" toolbox for developing PL/SQL applications?

I've also read that SQL Developer 2.1 introduces a PL/SQL unit testing feature. Does anybody has a feedback about this feature and this version of SQL Developer (I still use 1.5) ?

asked Sep 16, 2015 by sachin wagh
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