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is there a way to make remote calls to asp net development web server

is there a way to make remote calls to asp net development web server  using -',iis,'

I know that generally speaking, this cant be done, that is get another PC to call a site hosted under the ASP.NET DEvelopment Web Server remotely (generally you can only use localhost:port to get to it).

But I was wondering if anyone has seen, or knows of a way to get around it?  I am a RESTful API developer in my office, and I would like the PHP guys to test the APIs on my machine so that I can have the Visual Studio 2005 debugger attached, and I can more easily find problems.

THe main issue is, that my machine is a Vista machine, and unfortunately, the APIs I have developed do not work under IIS7, even Classic Application Pool mode (which eliminates hosting them on a local IIS impossible).

Alternatively, is there a way to use IIS6 on another machine to suite my needs?


Based on the advise that I have gotten and after much trial and error with the suggestions made, I was able to get Squid to act as a reverse-proxy and do exactly what I wanted to do.  I have blogged about it in case anyone else wants to do the same thing.

asked Sep 16, 2015 by tseetha
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