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getting uploadify working in c sharp

getting uploadify working in c sharp  using -'c#,,uploadify'

This seemed like it should be easy, but I have had trouble getting it to work. I don't know why it doesn't.  It is just showing the normal file input.

Is there any code / examples to get this working.  I am getting frustrated...

Thank you all.

asked Sep 16, 2015 by vimaldas2005
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This is a video tutorial on how to get started using C# and Webforms, should help you.

Can you post your code though so that I might be able to show you what you are doing wrong?

Here is the sample code I have for


Then you want to make a Handler (.ashx):

public class Upload : IHttpHandler, IRequiresSessionState

    public void ProcessRequest(HttpContext context)
            HttpPostedFile file= context.Request.Files["Filedata"];

            int id = (Int32.Parse(context.Request["id"]));
            string foo = context.Request["foo"];
            file.SaveAs("C:\\" + id.ToString() + foo + file.FileName);

        catch(Exception ex)

Post your code and I will take a look at it. Sounds like you are pointing to a resource that doesn't exist. Maybe your 'uploader' property is not pointed to the proper resource or your jquery link is broken (or not there).

answered Sep 16, 2015 by vibhorsingh