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how do i verify jquery ajax events with jasmine

how do i verify jquery ajax events with jasmine  using -'javascript,jquery,ajax,jasmine,bdd'

I am trying to use Jasmine to write some BDD specs for basic jQuery AJAX requests. I am currently using Jasmine in standalone mode (i.e. through SpecRunner.html). I have configured SpecRunner to load jquery and other .js files. Any ideas why the following doesn't work? has_returned does not become true, even thought the "yuppi!" alert shows up fine.

describe("A jQuery ajax request should be able to fetch...", function() {

  it("an XML file from the filesystem", function() {
    $.ajax_get_xml_request = { has_returned : false };  
    // initiating the AJAX request
    $.ajax({ type: "GET", url: "addressbook_files/addressbookxml.xml", dataType: "xml",
             success: function(xml) { alert("yuppi!"); $.ajax_get_xml_request.has_returned = true; } });
    // waiting for has_returned to become true (timeout: 3s)
    waitsFor(function() { $.ajax_get_xml_request.has_returned; }, "the JQuery AJAX GET to return", 3000);
    // TODO: other tests might check size of XML file, whether it is valid XML


How do I test that the callback has been called? Any pointers to blogs/material related to testing async jQuery with Jasmine will be greatly appreciated.

asked Sep 16, 2015 by patilkiran.101
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