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javascript fab framework on node js

javascript fab framework on node js  using -'javascript,node.js,chaining,fab'

I've seen a slide that presented Fab, a node.js framework.

Is this JavaScript?

Could someone explain what is going on in that code?

I'm all lost.

asked Sep 18, 2015 by mannumits1
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Is plain JavaScript, it is a function chaining pattern.

The first line, ( fab = require("fab") ) includes the fab function and returns a reference to it.

All the subsequent parentheses are function calls, each function invocation returns probably the same function again and again.

The pattern probably looks like this simplified example:

var foo = function (arg) {
  // detect what the argument is
  if (typeof arg == 'function') {
    // do something with arg
    console.log('function: '+arg());
  } else if (arg instanceof RegExp) {
    // arg is a RegExp...
    console.log('A RegExp: '+arg);
  } else if (typeof arg == "string") {
    // arg is a string
    console.log('A string: '+arg);
  return foo; // return a reference to itself

  (function() { return "Foo "; })
  (" baz!");


function: Foo
A RegExp: /bar/
A string: baz!
answered Sep 18, 2015 by tushar2k6
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That's hard to follow indeed; it doesn't really look like Javascript at all...

Anyway, FAB takes advantage of returning a pointer to the function which was called. For example:

function doSomething(str){
  return arguments.callee;

// Alerts 'hi' and then 'there'

Of course you can implement extra conditions, like counting the number of arguments or checking the type of arguments passed in. For example:

function doSomething(){
  if(arguments.length == 1){
  else if(arguments.length == 2){
    alert(arguments[0] + arguments[1]);

  return arguments.callee;

  ("Hi, 3 + 4 is:")
  (3, 4);

The last example alerts:

> Hi, 3 + 4 is:
> 7
answered Sep 18, 2015 by rajeevr642