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node js and handlebars html compiled is escaped

node js and handlebars html compiled is escaped  using -'node.js,handlebars.js,template-engine,html-escape-characters'

Im using handlebars in a node aplication, and I have trouble.

This is the template index.html


This is the code

var fs = require("fs");
var handlebars = require("handlebars");

var data = {
    CONTENT: "<b>Hello world!</b>"

var templateFile = fs.readFileSync('./index.html', 'utf8');
var template = handlebars.compile( templateFile );
var html = template(data);

The problem is that the tags <B> are escaped to &lt;B&gt;

How can I avoid this?

asked Sep 18, 2015 by vijaygupta1980
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From :

Handlebars HTML-escapes values returned by a {{expression}}. If you don't want Handlebars to escape a value, use the "triple-stash".



with this context:

  title: "All about 

Tags", body: "

This is a post about <p> tags

" }

results in:

All About <p> Tags

This is a post about <p> tags

However from my point of view it may defeat the purpose of having a template separated than you're js file.

If you use precompile then use noEscape option:

handlebars.precompile(content, {noEscape: true})
answered Sep 18, 2015 by virendra.bajaj