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mongodb remove object from array

mongodb remove object from array  using -'node.js,mongodb,mongoose'


   _id: 5150a1199fac0e6910000002,
   name: 'some name,
   items: [{
      id: 23,
      name: 'item name 23'
      id: 24,
      name: 'item name 24'

Is there a way to pull a specific object from an array?  I.E. how do I pull the entire item object with id 23 from the items array.

I have tried:

db.mycollection.update({'_id': ObjectId("5150a1199fac0e6910000002")}, {$pull: {id: 23}});

However I am pretty sure that I am not using 'pull' correctly.  From what I understand pull will pull a field from an array but not an object.

Any ideas how to pull the entire object out of the array.

As a bonus I am trying to do this in mongoose/nodejs, as well not sure if this type of thing is in the mongoose API but I could not find it.

asked Sep 21, 2015 by deepak07.s
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