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sql optimizing between clause

sql optimizing between clause  using -'sql,oracle,oracle10g'

I wrote a statement that takes almost an hour to run so I am asking help so I can get to do this faster. So here we go:

I am making an inner join of two tables :

I have many time intervals represented by intervals and i want to get  measure datas from measures only within those intervals.

intervals: has two columns, one is the starting time, the other the ending time of the interval (number of rows = 1295)

measures: has two columns, one with the measure, the other with the time the measure has been  made (number of rows = one million)

The result I want to get is a table with in the first column the measure, then the time the measure has been done, the begin/end time of the considered interval (it would be repeated for row with a time within the considered range)

Here is my code:

select measures.measure as measure, measures.time as time, intervals.entry_time as entry_time, intervals.exit_time as exit_time
    inner join  
    on  intervals.entry_time<=measures.time  and measures.time <=intervals.exit_time  
    order by time asc


asked Sep 21, 2015 by okesh.badhiye
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