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printing from asp net to a network printer

printing from asp net to a network printer  using -'c#,.net,,printing,system.printing'

I need to send documents to a network printer (\myserver\myprinter).  I'm using the System.Printing classes to print, and it works fine when it's from a Windows Service, but from an ASP.NET app, it's only able to print to local printers, not network printers.  The error I'm getting is "Printer Name is not valid" This is what I'm using to get the printer name:

public string PrinterName
   using (LocalPrintServer server = new LocalPrintServer())
   return server.GetPrintQueue(@"\\myserver\myprinter");

What are my options here?  Is this a permissions problem?  

asked Sep 21, 2015 by okesh.badhiye
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