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mongodb update only specific fields

mongodb update only specific fields  using -'c#,mongodb,mongodb-csharp'

I am trying to update a row in a (typed) MongoDB collection with the C# driver. When handling data of that particular collection of type MongoCollection<User>, I tend to avoid retrieving sensitive data from the collection (salt, password hash, etc.)

Now I am trying to update a User instance. However, I never actually retrieved sensitive data in the first place, so I guess this data would be default(byte[]) in the retrieved model instance (as far as I can tell) before I apply modifications and submit the new data to the collection.

Maybe I am overseeing something trivial in the MongoDB C# driver how I can use MongoCollection<T>.Save(T item) without updating specific properties such as User.PasswordHash or User.PasswordSalt? Should I retrieve the full record first, update "safe" properties there, and write it back? Or is there a fancy option to exclude certain fields from the update?

Thanks in advance

asked Sep 22, 2015 by suyesh.lokhande
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