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jquery save json data object in cookie

jquery save json data object in cookie  using -'jquery,cookies'

How do I save JSON data in a cookie?

My JSON data looks like this

$("#ArticlesHolder").data('15', {name:'testname', nr:'4',price:'400'});
$("#ArticlesHolder").data('25', {name:'name2', nr:'1', price:'100'});
$("#ArticlesHolder").data('37', {name:'name3', nr:'14', price:'60'});

And I want to do something like

var dataStore = $.cookie("basket-data", $("#ArticlesHolder").data());

and to retrieve the data i want to load it into $("#ArticlesHolder") like

$.each($.cookie("basket-data"), function(i,e){
 $("#ArticlesHolder").data(i, e);

does anyone know if I'm on the right track or should this be done in some other way? Simply put, how do i put and pull json data from a cookie?

asked Sep 22, 2015 by girisha
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4 Answers

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You can seriaize the data as JSON, like this:

$.cookie("basket-data", JSON.stringify($("#ArticlesHolder").data()));

Then to get it from the cookie:


This relies on JSON.stringify() and JSON.parse() to serialize/deserialize your data object, for older browsers (IE<8) include json2.js to get the JSON functionality. This example uses the jQuery cookie plugin

answered Sep 22, 2015 by mannumits1
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Now there is already no need to use JSON.stringify explicitly. Just execute this line of code

$.cookie.json = true;

After that you can save any object in cookie, which will be automatically converted to JSON and back from JSON when reading cookie.

var user = { name: "name", age: 25 }
$.cookie('user', user);

var currentUser = $.cookie('user');
alert('User name is ' +;

But JSON library does not come with jquery.cookie, so you have to download it by yourself and include into html page before jquery.cookie.js

answered Sep 22, 2015 by patelnikul321
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use JSON.stringify(userData) to coverty json object to string.

var dataStore = $.cookie("basket-data", JSON.stringify($("#ArticlesHolder").data()));

and for getting back from cookie use JSON.parse()

var data=JSON.parse($.cookie("basket-data"))
answered Sep 22, 2015 by amit.gupta
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Try this one:

Quick Usage:

create - create cookie

check - check existance

verify - verify cookie value if JSON

check_index - verify if index exists in JSON

read_values - read cookie value as string

read_JSON - read cookie value as JSON object

read_value - read value of index stored in JSON object

replace_value - replace value from a specified index stored in JSON object

remove_value - remove value and index stored in JSON object

Just use:

answered Sep 22, 2015 by sachin wagh