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javascript dates in ie nan firefox chrome ok

javascript dates in ie nan firefox chrome ok  using -'javascript,internet-explorer,date'

I'm trying to build a little calendar in javascript, and I've got my dates working great in Firefox and chrome, but in IE, the date functions are returning NAN.

Here is the function

function buildWeek(dateText){
            var headerDates='';
            var newDate = new Date(dateText);
            var startSched=formatDates(newDate);


            for(var d=0;d';
            var theseDates=formatDates(newDate);
            headerDates+='>';                }

The datetext is the monday of the current week which is actually set in php in the format of 'm, d, Y'.

Eg (02, 01, 2010);

asked Sep 22, 2015 by girisha
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