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getting fonts sizes bold etc

getting fonts sizes bold etc  using -'java,swing,fonts'

I'm having trouble finding stuff on accessing Windows fonts or predefined fonts, and sizes. So for my java program I have a JComboBox with fonts, sizes, and colors. The problem is that I need to pre-Enter the fonts, sizes and colors. How would I be able to get the predefined fonts, colors, and sizes? So far this is what I have for this font but its not in the correct way.

               if (font.equals("Arial")) {

                if (size.equals("8")) {
                    setSize = 8;
                } else if (size.equals("10")) {
                    setSize = 10;
                } else if (size.equals("12")) {
                    setSize = 12;

                if (color.equals("Black")) {
                    setColor = Color.BLACK;
                } else if (color.equals("Blue")) {
                    setColor = Color.BLUE;
                } else if (color.equals("Red")) {
                    setColor =;

                Font font = new Font("Arial", setAttribute, setSize);


asked Sep 22, 2015 by kinnari
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