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 4 Pillars of the New eCommerce Frontier Entrepreneurs Need to Embrace

History has proven that pandemics and outbreaks have pushed forward the evolution of eCommerce.

In 2003, Alibaba had to quarantine almost all its staff due to the positive SARS diagnosis of one staff member. This period became the incubation period where Jack Ma perfected the Taobao website and launched his first C2C eCom platform. The SARS coronavirus pandemic was a buffer for Taobao and Alibaba as a whole, as they registered immense profits.

During pandemics, online transactions become habitual for a large chunk of the world’s population. The Covid-19 pandemic isn’t much different from SARS, they both originated from China and they have both caused a shift in the e-commerce space.

However, 2020 is about much more than Covid-19. The massive shifts in customer behavior that we have observed go beyond Covid and they are so extensive that they are predicted to become the pillars of the new eCommerce frontier. These are expressions of customer behavior that every new and old eCommerce entrepreneur should take into account in 2021 and beyond.

1. Video marketing takes center stage

Ecommerce Marketing once revolved around text and copy, then it gradually became Image-based, now video marketing is taking center stage as the main medium for on-site marketing for eCommerce businesses.

This was always the destination of on-site marketing and product reviews and in 2021, we just might see it take over the mainstream. Creating the perfect on-site experience is critical to eCommerce businesses’ success and is an important determinant to the final sales numbers.

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